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VicWell BioMedical

Through a thorough understanding of how the environment, one’s diet, and lifestyle habits can impair one’s health and an expansive knowledge of the gut mental health connection, VicWell BioMedical capitalizes on our strong engineering foundation to develop a selection of naturopathic and non-invasive therapies and devices designed to enhance the health of individuals from all walks of life. Not only do we manufacture and market our negative ion and far-infrared products directly through distributors, but we also offer strategic biomedical products, tailored therapies and professionally customized consultancy on alternative therapies directly to the customer at our wellness centres.

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Our Practice & Philosophy

Our range of products and therapies are designed around the individuals’ health condition, daily lifestyle activities and habits, dietary habits as well as the environment that they dwell in. 

For diseased individuals, we offer a selection of therapeutic and home-care essentials that improves the individual’s quality of life while simultaneously enhancing their health status. For individuals who are in the pink of health, our range of preventive and objective rehabilitative therapies and products are designed around their daily activities to help them maintain and constantly achieve their health goals conveniently and efficiently. 

The naturopathic nature of our products and therapies also ensures that are complementary to modern medicine and can be undergone concurrently without any side effects.

About Dr Loh

VicWell BioMedical is led by Dr Loh Kah Meng who possess extensive experience in alternative healthcare and developing NAI and FIR centric therapeutic products. 

Based on his personal clinical works and continuous research, Dr Loh has invented and discovered many techniques and algorithms that are easily infused into a wide range of everyday products such as; mattresses, hats, seats, socks, blankets and consumables to amplify healing and enhance the quality of life of many health impaired individual. Dr Loh also works closely with the Veterinary Science Department to develop therapeutic products for pets like dogs, cats and even horses. 

Dr Loh has also been invited by both SME and MNCs alike to speak to their employees about the benefits of naturopathic therapies and wellness options and how one can improve the quality of their through simplistic adjustments to their lifestyle habits.