Physillium Husk (200g)


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Psyllium Husk and Health (200g)

Psyllium is a form of fiber made from the husks of the Plantago ovata plant’s seeds. It’s most commonly known as a laxative. However, research shows that taking psyllium husk is beneficial to many parts of the human body, including the heart and the pancreas.

Vital Benefits

  1. Relief constipation
  2. Useful in managing diabetes
  3. Fiber rich
  4. Supports weight loss
  5. Keeping heart healthy
  6. Removes toxins from the body
  7. Manage diarrhea conditions
  8. Useful in managing gallstones
  9. Helps to get rid of indigestion
  10. May help reduce high blood pressure

Serving suggestion:

  1. As a natural fiber drinks, used 1-2 teaspoons mix with full glass (150ml-200ml) of room temperature water and stir well.
  2. An additional glass of water or juice may be helpful in digestion.

As a cooking ingredient, add a heap onto teaspoon bread, dough bases to increase fibre in your cooking.

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