PowerUp Oligopeptides (Low Sodium)


Did you know that the recommended protein intake for adults is 30 – 80 grams a day? Protein is required to make and maintain healthy muscles, bones, skin and hair.

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PowerUp Oligopeptides (Low Sodium)

Majority of individuals suffer from lackluster protein intake due to a poor digestive system. Weak digestive systems have extremely negative impact on the human body as improperly digested food can slip into the bloodstream causing bad bacteria that produces Endotoxins that trigger fever, inflammation, anaphylactic and even death.

PowerUp are concentrated 400Da Oligopeptides that contains short chains of 5 amino acids and are 100% digestible at tongue level thus enabling the human body to receive the necessary protein intake (30-80 grams a day) it requires to function optimally independent of the body’s digestive capabilities.

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