VicWell BioMedical : A Therapeutic Mattress System


A VicWell Invention – Therapeutic Mattress System (Revelation)

In Oct 2009, we have invented the technologies to construct therapeutic mattress system for couples. We will construct the system according to the size of the couple’s bed, implant the required powers needed for the individuals and integrated with our novel Revelation technology.

For example:

System Configuration for Mrs and Mr Toh (insert couple mattress 1)


In Figure 1, the whole systems including the pillows are linked to the computer system based on the Revelation technologies (our most advanced available technology). The underlying technologies will be dependent on which technologies Mrs and Mr Toh need such as: Platinum SA, Platinum II or III

We recommend the following system configuration for considerations:

(a) Queen size therapeutic Mattress System based on Platinum SA with integrated Revelation Technology.

(b) Queen size therapeutic Mattress System based on Platinum II (Mrs Toh side) and Platinum III (Mr Toh side) with integrated Revelation Technology.

The above therapeutic mattress systems do not come with 360 therapeutic cover. The following are some choices for the couple:

Queen size 360 Cover (Gold grade).

Queen size 360 Cover (Diamond grade).

The lead time will be about 2 weeks after order confirmation and 50% deposit.