What is Live Blood Analysis?

Old lady is testing blood sugar level using blood sugar test kid set – people with medical equipment concept

LBA works on the principle that the blood is viewed live and is unadulterated by centrifugation or chemical staining. It is the analysis of blood in its true viable state. Our experience has reached a level where by we can correlates with the laboratory findings accurately and very often we can even detect mutated growths and biological impairments in the early stages.

For example, we have successfully helped many clinical cases where by customers who have been suffering from chronic fatigue, insomnia, nerve pains and unexplainable aches or discomfort for many years. During these years of sufferings, they have been seeking for various modes of treatments but are still unresolved. We perform LBA on them and located the sources of impairments. We help them using our systems and techniques over a couple of sessions. The results and benefits they received are usually acceptable. We usually encourage them to perform full medical body checkups after a period of treatments to affirm the results are not placebo or psychological.

Dr Loh has implemented a protocol in evaluating how his inventions can achieve the ultimate therapeutic effects based on FIR and NAI.In this presentation, we will share with you our clinical works.