Information of Client: CH Tan, 52 years old
Condition / Ailments: Fatigue and Low energy

I used to suffer from fatigue and low energy at least for the last decade. I easily doze off most of the time while attending meeting or seminar. Sometimes I even doze off while driving. All these happened even though I could sleep easily and well at night. I don’t understand what caused me these problems.

After using the VicWell therapeutic system (consisting of Mattress, Pillow, Blanket and Negative Air Ionizer), I am feeling very fresh everyday and could stay awake much later into the nights. I am convinced the Far-Infrared and Negative Ions has done wonders to regenerate my energy level. Many of my friends who started using VicWell’s system also felt the same plus more beneficial effects (reduced aches & pains, water retention, enhanced sexual performance, better blood pressure, improved prostate condition).