Information of Client: Ms Siti Abdul Erni
Condition / Ailments: Hormonal Imbalances, Sleep Apnea Disorder, Cardiac Conditions, Cyst in Breast, Lymphatic Blockage

My sister Luzel suggested that I joined her for a trial session at Vicwell Biomedical one fine Saturday morning.

I was greeted by Dr Loh and Fauziah. Not knowing what to expect I came with an open mind to explore ways to improve my health. I was concerned with the abscess found on my left breast when I visited the Polyclinic recently. The doctor in attendance prescribed antibiotics and I was given fourteen (14) days for the antibiotics to take effect to discharge the abscess or I would have to undergo a surgery. When I met with Dr Loh, through the Quantum Nano Analysis he performed, a cyst has formed in my left breast.

Immediately, I underwent the Quantum Nano Therapy and within a few days, the abscess was discharged naturally to my relief.

Not only the abscess was clear (this was confirmed by the Polyclinic when I went for my medical review) I had other conditions which I was not aware of cleared or improved after the therapy. I feel more energetic now, sleep better and I could focus better at work and at home.

Testimonial received: November 2018, Singapore