Interview with HIV-1+ Victim in South Africa

Dr Loh Kah Meng’s interview with a HIV-1+ victim who has shown tremendous improvement in her condition.

She was infected by the boyfriend who died from AIDS in 1993. She was diagnosed to be HIV-1 positive in 2003 after she was admitted to hospital for bruises in her eyes and left side of the body lack of feelings and metathesis.

She is 38 years old this year. Since 2006, she has been suffering from stiff neck and shoulders. They pains on the shoulders are acute. She has been suffering from pains in the legs and her lymph nodes are swollen. The last CD4 count last Nov was 30.

She has started on the 31st Jan 11.30 pm till 6.35am the next morning. She has found that her shoulder pains have gone, her necks no long stiff and the yellow tint on her corneas have been cleared. The sarcoma on her right eye has also been subsided.

She is confident that she will be watching the World Cup to be held in 2010 at South Africa.