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South Africa (Johannesburg ) 31st Jan 2008 :

Radio Broadcast by a DJ with South Africa Broadcasting Program Metor and Dr. Loh Kah Meng on FIR (Far InfraRed ) & NAI (Negative Air Ioniser) complementary & alternative treatment of HIV /AIDS. During the interview session, the DJ had asked a broad range of questions.

The following are some of the questions that have been transcribed for our readers’ reading pleasure:

(1) Why is your system considered as non-invasive and what does non-invasive mean?

Our systems are considered non-invasive because we do not need to perform any forms of incisions into the inside of the users. Our systems will perform therapeutic operations on the users when they are resting, sleeping, working, socializing, exercising, etc. Our users are not bonded to any time-table. Our systems will determine the best and optimum treatment energies for the users quietly in the background.

(2) What is FIR?

Far infrared is the form of energies that all living beings need to ensure good a healthy state of life. Basically the energies must be absorbed and metabolized by the cells to improve vitality and to terminate unfriendly cells.

(3) What are Negative Ions?

The primary function of Negative Ions is to regulate the blood pH of the circulatory system. VicWell BioMedical  pays a lot of attention in this aspect as a high dosage of Positive Ions will do the opposite and create a lot of problems for the users.

(4) What is complementary and alternative medicine (CAM)?

CAM stands for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. VicWell BioMedical products support both modes. It can complement to the users who are under chemotherapy, radiotherapy, TCM, etc.

It works very well for alternative treatments too. The users may choose to use the systems for their own wellness and rehabilitation.

The reason being that VicWell BioMedical products solve the most fundamental issue of blood quality.

(5) How can our system help HIV/AIDS?

As pointed earlier, VicWell BioMedical products solve the most fundamental issue of blood quality. The improved blood quality means that the immune system of the users becomes more responsive to the current state and its immediate vicinity conditions such as HIV virus invaded CD4 cells, parasites, bacterial, etc.

(6) It is astonished that many victims are very ill-informed of what drugs can do to their bodies especially HAART. With your intensive work experiences, how would you think our victims can make a proper decision?

We should recognize the importance of well-informed education for these victims. There are many different modes of treatment and many products in the market that make claims for anything.

VicWell BioMedical has recognized this importance and performs its duties and responsibilities through training, seminars, and clinics. VicWell BioMedical has derived a series of comprehensive treatment protocols for users and distributors. Concurrently, VicWell BioMedical  has invested a tremendous amount of effort in research and development and improving the efficacy and efficiency of its products.