Information of Client: YT Toh, 81 years old.
Condition / Ailments: Diabetic, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Oedema, Low Energy

I started to have diabetes maybe more than 30 years ago and went on western medication. More side effects crept in over the years – I got into high blood pressure, high cholesterol, kidney function deterioration leading to water retention, poor appetite and low energy problems. Besides lots of western medication, I tried many things including TCM, health supplements, health equipments, and also expensive magnetic mattress.


Then my son bought for me the VicWell Therapeutic System (mattress, blanket, pillow, socks and Negative Ions Generator). Each day, I could feel better, and after about one week, all my water retention was gone. For the first time instead of seeing puffy legs and feeling the pains, I could now see the wrinkles on my legs. In fact, I also lost more than 3 kg in weight and my pants are now loose. I now have better appetite, and feeling more energetic. I feel the VicWell’s wellness system is marvelous.